Seasonal Menu

It’s that time of year. Twinkling lights, falling snowflakes, thoughts of drinking hot chocolate in a cozy room with people you love. The True Grain team has gone all out this year with our Christmas baking selections. Like all our products, we bake our love of BC right into our cookies and cakes, which are made with 100 % BC-farmed and milled organic flour.

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Bread Centrepieces

The word companion comes from Latin com- “with” + panis “bread.” The traditional practice of “breaking bread” is an acknowledgement of our collective need for friendship, trust, and safety, all of which live in the moment when we share our food.

Our organic Bread Centrepieces are a beautiful way to bring back the old tradition of breaking bread. As the loaf is passed, each person tears off a bun and tells a story of something they’re grateful for, an accomplishment they’re proud of, or a wish they have for the coming year. As the stories and the bread wind around the table, everyone’s hearts are woven together a little bit more.

Centrepieces are available in French White or Multigrain. Please pre-order in advance. /vc_column_text]
True Grain Classic Shortbread

We make old fashioned, sturdy bricks of Shortbread that melt in your mouth as soon as you start to chew. Our Classic Shortbread is our most popular offering, made with organic BC flour, organic butter, organic sugar, and just the right amount of organic vanilla, then baked until they’re just starting to turn golden.

Flavoured Shortbreads

To our enchanting Classic Shortbread mix we’ve added pleasant extras, such as organic dark chocolate chips, or perfectly butter-drenched and caramelized pecans. The Cranberry Shortbread features sweet bursts of organic cranberries throughout, and the new Rosemary Apricot is a perfect blend of savoury and sweet. We add no artificial flavours or colours – just quality ingredients you recognize.

Specialty Shortbread

If you’re sensitive to modern wheat but love shortbread, our Spelt Shortbread could be just the thing. These cookies are from stone milled organic BC Spelt, an ancient grain dating back 8,000 years and known for being easy-to-digest.

Lebkuchen Gingerbread

Our traditional Lebkuchen recipe carries the rich warmth of honey and molasses, along with a mysterious mix of spices that includes anise seed, ginger, cloves and allspice. Look for trees or people, each carefully hand decorated with organic icing. Pairs perfectly with hot chocolate.


Germany’s most famous Christmas cake dates back more than 600 years. The first official mention of Stollen was in 1474, but some historians think the traditional German Christmas cake dates back as far as 1329.

Our classic recipe includes rum-soaked organic raisins, our own homemade candied citrus, and a generous marzipan core throughout the cake. Choose between our most popular Classic recipe or stollen made using organic BC Spelt flour. Stollen improves with age and the flavour is set to peak in time for your holiday entertaining.


Vanilla Kipferl is an Austrian Christmas cookie and one of our most popular seasonal offerings. The organic BC dough is mixed with generous amounts of ground hazelnuts and almonds. Each cookie is hand rolled and finished with organic vanilla and icing sugar.


This German shortbread biscuit known for its delicate texture and burst of citrus from organic orange and lemon zest. Finished with organic sugar, this is a staff favourite. Wonderful with a dark roast coffee or a black tea.

Fruit & Nut Cake

Break out the whipped cream, because this cake is seriously delicious and demands slow enjoyment. We use BC organic stone milled Spelt flour as the base for our classic cake, to which we add organic fruit and nuts until the dough can’t hold any more. Enjoy with an Irish coffee or something equally wonderful.

Fig Loaf

There’s no need for added sugar in this dense and fruit-rich loaf, the perfect addition to any holiday feast. Excellent served with whipped cream or even better, homemade brandy cream.