• True Grain is proud to take part in 2019 Organic Week.
  • We bake exclusively with Certified Organic BC grown grain.
  • We use organic butter, organic chocolate chips, organic cane sugar, organic raisins, & organic seeds (sesame, pumpkin, sunflower, flax).
  • We specialize in freshly stone milled ancient & heritage grains that haven’t been hybridized over time (Einkorn, Emmer, Spelt, Khorasan, Rye, & Red Fife)
  • We favour natural leavening & slow fermentation methods to unlock the grains’ true flavours
  • Every loaf & pastry is made from scratch & individually handcrafted
  • The stone hearth ovens add the finishing touches to an irresistible crust & taste experience
  • Craving the most delicious and nutritious loaves imaginable? Learn more about our True Grain Smart Carb Solutions
  • At True Grain, we value the simplicity of real food. We believe healthy eating is not just a function of what’s in the food we eat. Of equal concern is what’s NOT in our food. We’re proud of the fact that in our loaves, there are NO sugar or other sweeteners, NO dairy, NO eggs, NO shortening or other fats (except cold pressed olive oil in our Italian loaves), NO preservatives, NO artificial flavouring, & NO colouring. Contrast our approach with the long list of additives permitted by The Canadian Food & Drug Regulations.