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Hot Cross Bun 6 pack

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Imagine a dough made with organic flour that’s been farmed and milled in BC.
Imagine the dough made soft with organic milk and organic butter, sweetened with
organic cane sugar, and swept through with the perfect blend of organic cinnamon,
organic cardomom, and organic cloves. Imagine candied citrus zest that has taken days
to make and could perfume a small stadium. Imagine flecks of this sweet, tangy zest
mixed into the dough along with plump organic currants. Imagine it’s early morning and a huge tray of buns has just come out of the oven. Imagine six of them slowly being cut from the group and carefully packaged, with your name written on the outside. Imagine who you’ll share them with over a nice cup of coffee. Stop imagining! True Grain's legendary Hot Cross Buns are now available until Easter. Treat yourself and your loved ones to a taste experience you won't soon forget.

Ingredients: *BC unbleached white flour, *cane sugar/icing sugar, *milk, *currents, water, *unsalted butter, *zest (*oranges, *lemons), yeast, salt, *cinnamon, *cardomom, *cloves. *Organic.