Our Bakeries

Gemütlichkeit is a German word that doesn’t translate well to English. According to Wikipedia “it is used to convey the idea of a state or feeling of warmth, friendliness and good cheer. Other qualities encompassed by the term include coziness, peace of mind, and a sense of belonging and well-being springing from social acceptance.”

This is the atmosphere we aim to create in our bakeries. We want you to feel welcome and a little nostalgic, like you’ve walked into a little slice of history. There are quotes about bread painted on the walls, and mill shelves made of Vancouver Island cedar that are holding bags of stone milled organic BC flour. We use locally roasted coffee and make fantastic organic milk lattes (almond milk is also nice). We don’t have wi-fi but we do have local newspapers and copies of Eat Magazine or Edible to peruse. We keep our music low so it’s easy to have a quiet conversation.

All three of our bakeries are in small towns and each has their own local vibe.

True Grain Cowichan Bay is located right next to the marina. In the summer you can sit and eat cinnamon buns and watch the boats bobbing in the water. In the winter you can sit inside with a hot chocolate and watch the raindrops dot the windows.

True Grain Cowichan Bay
(est. 2004)

The Courtenay bakery makes hyper-local rye bread using organic rye from a nearby farm and uses Comox Brie for their perfectly grilled paninis.

True Grain Courtenay
(est. 2017)

Our Summerland bakery is in the heart of Okanagan wine country. You can people watch on the summer patio during the Sunday market, or pick up a French Baguette for your wine/beer/cider/spirits tour of Bottleneck Drive.

True Grain Summerland
(est. 2012)

All our bakeries open at 8am. If you’re a morning person, this can be a quiet time of day to come in for your coffee and croissant. It’s also a great time to watch the hustle and bustle going on behind-the-scenes, as loaf after loaf comes out of the oven and is put on the shelf. If you’re someone who enjoys a cup of tea and a cookie in the afternoon, you’ll witness the bread racks emptying out as people head home with their sourdoughs, wholegrain loaves, multigrain, French white, cinnamon raisin, dinner rolls, focaccia buns…You’ll see locals dropping by and sitting at their usual tables. Sometimes old friends will run into each other and partake in a spontaneous catch-up over coffee and Copenhagen Swirls.

We love being a destination for people who want to experience local food and old-world craftsmanship. We invite you to come chill out at the bakery. Disconnect from your digital world. Slow down. Have a pastry. Savour every organic, handcrafted mouthful. Enjoy.