Its that time of the year again. True Grain is proud to offer our largest selection of handcrafted Christmas baking ever. We have over 20 different stollen, fruit& nut cakes and cookies to choose from. In addition, we will have our selection of Christmas breads for your holiday entertaining.  New for this year is our attractive gift boxes. They make a great house warming gift. Don't forget to sign the kids up at the store for the free gingerbread decorating and don't forget to pre-order your couronne, partywheel or cranberry brioche for December 25th. Click the brochure link below for all the details. Scroll down to see the full product offering.

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 Organic Butter Stollen


Stollen is a traditional German Christmas cake characterized by a marzipan core throughout.  Organic flour and organic butter are the palette for organic rum drenched raisins, almonds and our own candied organic oranges and lemons.  We seal in the flavour with organic butter and sugar while still hot from the ovens.  This locks in the flavour and preserves the stollen.  Stollen gets better as it ages and will be at peak flavour for your holiday entertaining.  Available in 4 choices; Classic (Untreated unbleached flour), Red Fife Heritage Wheat, BC grown spelt or BC grown emmer.

Fruit & Nut Cake

The fruit and nut cake is a rum drenched selection of organic fruits and nuts such as organic thompson raisins, dates, apricots, pecans, almonds and blueberries.  This cake is free of modern wheat and made with organic BC grown spelt flour.  This is not your standard christmas cake!  

Fruit Nut

Fig Loaf

If you like figs, you will love our Fig Loaf.  There are no added sugars to this delicious fig treat.  Organic black mission figs, thompson raisins, dates, stone milled BC grown Spelt, apricots, almonds, pecans, BC rye, organic blueberries, rum, yeast, spice and sea salt round out the ingredient list.  No preservatives added.

Fig loaf

True Grain Festive Cookies

We make the classics like no one else and we also create an assortment or really unique European inspired recipes.  These cookies are all made with organic flour and organic butter.  We only use organic cane sugar and organic icing sugar.  The unique shape and flavours can create a truly magical holiday cookie masterpiece!  New for this year our cookies are in our new Christmas Gifting Box.  Feel great about giving a BC crafted Christmas cookie as a great gift.  Mix and match to make the best cookie platter imaginable.

shortbread tree

Classic Shortbread

True Grain's take on the classic shortbread.  We are not aware of anyone else in BC who crafts shortbread from 100% organic ingredients.  Organic butter, organic untreated unbleached flour, organic icing sugar. If you are going to indulge this season, might as well do it right!


The BC Shortbreads

We have shortbread made with organic BC grown, stone-milled, sifted Spelt flour AND this year we found a small supply of BC grown Red Fife, so we have BC Red Fife shortbread as well.  If you really want to taste the nuance of the grain, ask for a sample of the classic back to back with the spelt.  You will be amazed at how the rich flavour of the grain comes through for a totally unique BC flavour experience.


The BC Shortbreads

NEW for this season, we have 3 flavoured shortbread cookies.  Cranberry, Chocolate, and Butter-pecan.

Nothing says Christmas like cranberries. Your tastebuds will come alive as the tartness of the organic cranberries comes through in perfect harmony against the smooth organic butter shortbread.

Butter pecanSBChocolateSBCranberrySB


 Our gingerbread people are created using the traditional Lebkuchen recipe with organic icing.  Trees stars and people available.  Check in store for our free kids gingerbread decoration times. Pre-registration required.



Vanilla Kipferl are a classic Austrian Christmas cookie and one of our most popular seasonal offerings. The dough is meticulously blended with generous ground BC hazelnuts and almonds. Each cookie is then hand-rolled and dusted with organic vanilla and icing sugar for the perfect finish.



Heidesand is a classic German shortbread cookie that truly stands apart from the crowd. The citrus burst from the organic orange and lemon zest perfectly complements the smooth organic buttery richness of the cookie. Finished with organic sugar, this is a staff favourite.

 Gingerbread Swirls

Gingerbread Swirls are a heavenly combination of our classic ‘lebkuchen’ gingerbread recipe swirled with pure marzipan. No Christmas platter is complete without these beautifully handcrafted treats.

Gingerbread swirls

Marble Shortbread

These marble shortbread are truly works of art.  We meticulously weave our classic shortbread and a cocoa shortbread together to produce a myriad of different shapes and designs. No Christmas cookie plate is complete without these playing a starring role.


Cinnamon Hazelnut Squares

True Grain Cinnamon Hazelnut Squares are truly unique. Lose yourself in the nutty bite of the crunchy cookie complemented perfectly by the sweet organic icing.

Einkorn Shortbread Shapes

These light shortbread shapes are made with Einkorn, the most ancient of the ancient wheat varieties. Our Einkorn is proudly grown right here in BC. We slowly grind and sift it at low temperatures to maximize flavour and preserve nutrients. Thank you for supporting organic BC farmers, Millers and BC craft producers.


Couronne or Partywheels

For your entertaining, these edible centrepieces are a great addition to your table. Your guests will be wowed by the flavour of the True Grain Bread and they will be thankful that everything was made locally with organic untreated unbleached flour. Pre-orders highly recommended.


 Remember, we are still doing everything we usually do, as shown in these photos below. Thank you for choosing True Grain Bread. Seasons Greetings to you and your family.