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Baking Ingredients

Hello, home bakers. If you’re here, you understand the True Grain enthusiasm for the craft of baking. Being the kitchen is an act of creation, a gift we can sometimes take for granted. Hauling out a cookbook and making something new can send us on an adventure without having to leave home. Making an old family recipe helps to reconnect us through familiar smells and tastes. Sharing food that we’ve made and enjoying each other’s company is simply a delightful thing to do.

Part of what makes ancient grains a delight to bake with is their connection to human history. We’ve been eating them for thousands of years. In a world now blooming with genetic modification and over-processed food-like products, these grains allow us to experience a simpler time. The same goes with the heritage wheats that helped build Canada’s reputation as an international bread basket.

Locally grown organic grain strengthens this connection to the past. It’s the same connection we feel when we visit farmers markets to buy local produce. From lettuce to flour, it’s good to know your farmer.

As in the past, the grain is stone milled, so the flour can’t sit on the shelf forever because it’s organic and has no preservatives. But really, being driven to bake something delicious because of a looming expiry date on the bottom of the flour bag isn’t the worst thing that could happen.

Have fun and experiment. Employ the organic Rye in your quest for the perfect sourdough. Mix Emmer with Khorasan and laugh like a mad scientist as you knead. Red Fife is nutty and will bake up a beautiful rust colour. Einkorn flour makes good cupcakes. Spelt cookies make a lovely gift.

The mill shelves at the bakeries are always stocked with fresh flour. If you live in BC, you can order from our miller and he’ll send you stone milled organic flours (sifted or whole), along with whole kernels for cooking or sprouting, and organic ingredients like organic raisins, cane sugar, cranberries, chocolate chips, flax seeds and sunflower seeds.

Thanks for reading to the end and for caring about where your food comes from. If you’re on Instagram, we love to see your home baking creations using True Grain organic flours. Tag us @truegrainbread to share the baking love.

Happy baking.

Sophia Jackson

True Grain Deliciousness Expert