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Knead to Know

  • Christmas at True Grain

    Christmas at True Grain

    It’s been an amazing year! This year True Grain celebrated 15 years and a million handcrafted loaves. We’re excited to share our new seasonal menu with you and let you know that for the first time ever, all our Shortbread...

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  • A short history of stollen

    A short history of stollen

    Did you know the tradition of making stollen goes back more than 600 years? The first official mention of stollen was in 1474, but some historians think the traditional German Christmas cake dates back as far as 1329. Stollen’s most...

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  • A grand bakery tour

    A grand bakery tour

    The team at True Grain Summerland recently enjoyed a visit from Dani Brown, a writer with Her Okanagan, an Okanagan blog written by local women about all things local and wonderful around the valley. Dani has blown us away with...

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  • Caring for Artisan Bread

    Caring for Artisan Bread

    Artisan bread care You’ve just purchased a beautiful handcrafted loaf of True Grain bread. Because we add no sugar, fat or preservatives to our loaves, our bread doesn’t have a long shelf life. To get the most enjoyment from your...

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  • History of Wheat

    History of Wheat

    Wheat is the main staple of the human diet in many parts of the world. People often ask us about the different types of ancient grains we use and how they differ from modern wheat. The earliest type of wheat...

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