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From the farmer, to the miller to the baker…at True Grain, every stage of this journey involves a hands-on approach. You can’t rush the growth of organic grain, can’t rush the steady grind of the stone mill, and you can’t rush handcrafted bread.

True artisan bread takes skill, knowledge and patience. With craft baking, you start with quality ingredients and you honour and value those ingredients all the way through to your finished product. Every stage of mixing, forming and baking is given care and attention.

Our bakers use traditional methods to create all our bread and pastries by hand, from naturally leavened loaves like our Red Fife Sourdough, a 48-hour fermentation bread baked on the hearth of the oven, to the delicate layers of authentic French Croissants.

Next time you wake up at 3am, take a moment to think of a craft baker. Chances are they’ve already been at work for more than an hour, with the ovens on and four different doughs on the go. And when you visit the bakery to pick up your favourite loaf or pastry, consider the journey it made from the farm to your plate. It’s a journey worth savouring.